Why Can You Trust Your Family’s Health to A1 Mold Remediation?

Two words: David Bayne

Ask his friends what they think of A1 Mold general manager David Bayne and – in one form or another – this is what you’ll hear:

“David is the hardest worker I’ve ever met in my life.”

That’s not overstatement or exaggeration for the sake of salesmanship. How does a guy earn that kind of reputation?

It all started out west in Deuel County.

David grew up in a little town named Chappell, which has a population of around 900. If you’ve ever taken Interstate 80 through Sidney, you drove right by Chappell. Unless you desperately needed gas, you probably zipped by without stopping.

Anyone who’s spent any real time around Dave (the nickname he typically prefers) knows that he’s constantly in motion, a whirlwind of activity no matter the time of day. In Chappell, that meant helping the extended family and friends with farm work of every kind.

That’s why people called Dave when they needed help. Not only did he have the physical prowess to tackle most jobs, but he always seemed to have just the right problem-solving skills.

Four Facts about A1’s David Bayne

  • Married to Becky, a Lincoln nurse (they have Hailey and Cody, along with two adult children)
  • A work maniac who drives countless miles for customers every week
  • Glued to his cell phone, either with clients or to check the Huskers football score. If you ask him about the Husker basketball score he’ll tell you there’s only one real sport in Nebraska (you’ve been warned)
  • How many miles does he drive, you ask? His “new” pickup (purchased in 2016) has 150,000 miles on the odometer … and counting

Yet that doesn’t quite sum up one of his other vital traits:

“Dave is always willing to help.”

He’s never too busy to talk with friends about their life challenges. He’s always on the phone with customers, too, because he knows mold problems can be overwhelming.

Nebraska Born, Midwestern Values

When he moved to Lincoln in 2000, Dave had no idea that mold remediation was about to consume his life. Working for a family friend, he quickly demonstrated an aptitude for getting to the root of construction issues that contribute to mold growth.

He also showed a knack for customer care and general business sense.

Those characteristics helped him work – and we do mean work his way up from the bottom. He is now the owner and general manager of A1 Mold.

As a lifelong Nebraska resident, one who has lived in small towns and large cities, he understands the people who live in the Midwest. He’s as comfortable working with farm families in Broken Bow as he is office building owners in Omaha.

He shares in their disappointment when they realize they have a mold problem. And he realizes that these issues can range from merely annoying to utterly life changing.

Most of all, he has the experience and expertise to address those problems with integrity and dedication.

He’s not part of a nationwide restoration franchise.

Dave is, at heart, a small-town guy who is always willing to roll up his sleeves and pitch in until your home – and your life – is back in order.

He’s is also a big proponent of continuing education, which keeps him up to date on the most recent advances in moisture mitigation and mold removal. Unlike a lot of people in the industry, he’s fully certified by the following organizations:

Dave’s background also keeps him in tune with mold’s health effects. That vast knowledge base, along with Midwestern work ethic, makes A1 Mold Remediation a partner you can trust with your family’s health.