Mold Testing and Mold Removal for Crete, NE

A1 Mold Testing and Remediation offers mold testing, mold removal and mold consulting in Crete, NE.

Mold Testing in Crete

If you feel it is necessary to take air or surface samples to determine the type(s) and/or quantity of mold spores in a certain amount of air or on a given amount of surface area in your Crete home or business, call A1 Mold Testing & Remediation. We can determine if the mold in your Crete home or business is dangerous and recommend steps to clean it up and prevent future mold growth.

We take mold testing seriously and perform our work professionally and without any major disruption to your lifestyle in your Crete home.

Mold Removal and Mold Clean Up in Crete

Mold removal, also known as mold remediation, is the process of remedying an Crete house or building of the potentially dangerous effects of mold growth. This can be something as simple as controlling the humidity in a room to as complex as rebuilding the affected parts of the structure.

Most of the time only certain areas of an Crete house or building are affected, and often some structural elements need to be removed and disposed of, such as sheetrock, insulation, even HVAC ducting, particularly if it’s insulated. More often than not, the structural wood can be cleaned and preserved for future use, but there are some instances where the mold growth has ruined the structural integrity of the wood requiring replacement.

Prevention of Mold Growth in Crete

If your Crete home or building has become wet, preventing moisture intrusion or containing it and drying the structure quickly is key in preventing mold growth.

We can help clean up in case of water intrusion. We have a large inventory of drying fans and dehumidifiers for rapid drying of structural elements, as well as valuable contents.

Based in Lincoln and Omaha, NE, A1 Mold Testing and Remediation Services, offers mold prevention throughout the Midwest including Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Kansas.