Commercial Mold Testing in Nebraska

commercial-mold-testingIf your business suffers water damage and you suspect mold growth has begun, call A1 Mold Testing & Remediation. We can conduct mold testing and determine if mold growth associated with health issues has occurred at your business.

We understand the longer your business is closed due to mold contamination, the more money your business is losing. We can work quickly and professionally to remove or prevent mold growth if mold testing reveals mold has been detected.

We are experienced with mold testing for commercial, industrial or government buildings including:

  • Mold testing in schools
  • Mold testing in churches
  • Mold testing in hospitals
  • Mold testing in government buildings
  • Mold testing in critical care facilities
  • Mold testing in institutional facilities
  • Mold testing in high security facilities
  • Mold testing in universities
  • Mold testing in high and mid-rise buildings

Based in Lincoln and Omaha, NE, A1 Mold Testing and Remediation Services, offers mold removal and mold remediation throughout the Midwest including Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Kansas.