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Mold Testing and Mold Removal


home-pageWater can get into your Nebraska house in many ways: flooding, leaky roofs, basement walls, plumbing leaks, burst pipes, even rain or sprinkler water against the house. Sometimes, you can see discoloration on the walls or ceiling, or you see your floors have warped. Maybe, there is a musty odor in certain rooms of the house or perhaps condensation on the walls.

Unwanted water intrusions can lead to mold growth and if the growth is extensive, some people may become sensitized to high spore levels and develop allergies or other health problems. Gone unchecked, mold growth can damage furnishings, clothes and shoes, as well as the structural elements in your house.


If your household is in need of testing or removal of mold, please contact us. Don’t wait until your mold problem affects your family’s health.

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We offer commercial mold testing, mold removal and mold removal consulting for businesses of all types and sizes.

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It is generally recognized that exposure to indoor mold is not healthy for anyone. A1 Mold Testing and Remediation Services, Inc. can help locate the source of the water intrusion, the mold growth that has resulted from it, as well as safely and efficiently remove the mold from the personal items and structural elements.Use the websites listed on the "links" page of our website to learn what mold is, how mold grows and what it grows on.

Learn about "Black Mold" and "Toxic Mold", as well as the health effects from mold exposure. You will find out why some molds are more hazardous than others, what some of the symptoms are and who is at greatest risk.

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We serve the entire Midwest, including Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas. See all the areas we serve.


In Lincoln, NE - call (402) 474-MOLD (6653)
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All other areas - call (866) 875-MOLD (6653)