How much does remediation cost

How Much Does a Mold Remediation Cost? 5 Factors That Might Affect the Price of Mold Cleanup

We all know that home ownership is expensive.

You fix a broken dishwasher. The next week, the water heater breaks.

You replace the gutters. Then, you realize that your shed is falling apart.

Such is life.

How much does remediation costWhen you discover that you have a mold problem, you might ask two immediate questions we often hear from other customers:

  1. Is my family’s health at risk?
  2. How much is it going to fix this mold problem?

We’ve covered the first point in multiple areas of our website and blog. But we’ll briefly restate that, yes, mold can definitely impact human health. The risk factors are clear, and we can discuss those with you when you call.

Or you can read our other posts about mold’s health effects.

Today, though, we’re focusing on the cost of mold cleanup. What really goes into the costs of a mold remediation?

Dave Bayne, owner and general manager of A1 Mold Testing & Remediation, says that pricing varies for good reasons. So, when people ask him how much a remediation costs, what does he tell them?

“It depends. Many factors play into a mold remediation,” he says. “It’s no different than when you go in to get your car fixed at a mechanic. What’s the problem?  What do we have to do to solve that problem?  Some issues are simple and are easy fixes, whereas others are much more complex and may not be that easy.”

Five Major Factors the Affect the Cost of a Mold Remediation

  1. A Hidden Cost – Liability Insurance

At A1 Mold Testing & Remediation, we pay a lot for liability insurance. How much?

Enough to make you question our sanity for being in this business.

Why does liability insurance for mold remediation cost so much?

Because of the hazards of the job.

Mold remediation is physically difficult and even dangerous:

  • We lug heavy equipment and tools into every job site. There’s always the potential for an accident.
  • Crews work in cramped, dangerous places, like attics. One misstep and a worker can easily fall.
  • We deal with various chemicals that require proper, safe handling.
  • Crews are dealing with mold, which can harm human health.
  • Workers wear heavy protective gear, even in hot, humid weather, putting them at risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Those are just a few reasons why liability insurance is so expensive. It’s a major cost of doing business.

  1. Specialized Mold Remediation Tools

At A1 Mold Testing & Remediation, we use specialized tools for work sites. Some of these things, like rolls of heavy-duty plastic, you can buy at large hardware stores.

Others, like air scrubbers, are specific to our work.

Air scrubbers are huge, box-shaped fans equipped with dense HEPA filters. We use them to suck air away from moldy work areas to the exterior of the structure.

They can move hundreds of cubic feet of air per minute. What’s more, they use industrial-grade filters so that mold spores don’t escape into the surrounding environment.

As you can imagine, air scrubbers are expensive. Some models cost nearly $2,000.

  1. Hard Labor

Our A1 crews work very, very hard on the job. Every day, they put on white Tyvek suits, respirators, goggles, and gloves. That’s their personal protective equipment (PPE) and it’s critical to the job.

Then, they climb into attics and cram themselves into crawl spaces.

Sometimes, the work is miserably hot. Other times, the cold is almost unbearable.

So, mold remediation labor is expensive. Sometimes more expensive than in other labor-intensive trades.

  1. Effective Anti-Fungal Treatments

There are oodles of so-called “mold killing” products on the market.

Lots of them are ineffective. Some are outright fraudulent.

For our remediations, we use only proven anti-fungal sprays and sealants. You can see some of these products right on our website.

As you might imagine, these products aren’t cheap. But there’s a reason that we use them – they work.

That means our remediations are done right the first time.

  1. Job Site Difficulty

Some job sites are simply harder than others.

Taking out a corner of drywall in a bedroom is one thing.

Climbing into an attic in the heat and humidity July is a whole other ball of wax.

That attic presents a whole range of dangers and challenges for our work crews. They must be careful not to fall through the ceiling. They must monitor themselves for heat exhaustion. They could accidentally bump their heads or shoulders on exposed nails.

And they must avoid these perils while trying to do tough, physical labor in cramped circumstances.

Our crews have the experience and grit to tackle every kind of remediation. But we do have to factor those additional challenges into the overall cost.

So, How Much Does a Mold Remediation Cost?

How much does remediation costMold remediation costs vary greatly depending on the job.

Some cleanups are quick and easy. They’re done in a few hours.

Some are complex, dangerous, and difficult. It might take us days or even weeks to finish, especially if it’s a huge commercial building.

A basic residential remediation typically costs anywhere from $500 to $6,000. That includes setup, the remediation, final cleanup, and waste disposal.

You’ve seen some of the costs that go into our side of the remediation. We do everything we can to minimize those expenses so that we can provide fast, safe service.

Competitive pricing is something we take pride in.

Call or email today and put our A1 Mold Remediation superheroes to work for your family’s health and peace of mind.